Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

The for the nature of its activities, gather in some cases. This policy describes that the has the authorization to collect information of users and visitors, with the intention of better serving our customers. By registering and/or visiting the website the user consent that we collect this data.

With this policy, the wants to assure that the privacy of its users is important and therefore will take measurements and precautions to safe keep all the gathered information with the technology in this website.

Necessary Information

The first thing that the user can do to receive the services from the is registering their personal data in “Create an Account” truthfully. We reserve the right to require, receive and save some information as: name of the user, contact information (telephone number, e-mail address, address, etc.). The could confirm personal data through public data research, specialized companies or databases, being authorized by the user in the moment the user agrees in creating his Account. All the information collected by any means will be treated with care and will be considered confidential.

At any moment any user registered in the will be able to request a extinction or removal of his/her registration, as well the deletion of their information in the company’s database.

The will automatically collect and save information about the user activities and visitors in its website. This information consists in the URL where they came from (being from the or not), which URL they went to afterwards (being to or not), and the user’s IP addresses used to access, visit pages, searches, buys, reviews, messages among other information that can be collected and saved.

The will collect and save all User Information, including e-mails, in case we need to send information (being e-mails or letters) about activities or other information about the website.

Utilization of your Information by the

To offer the excellence of service and for the optimization of use in agile, and safe manner, the require some personal information, including your e-mail address. The collection of these information allows us to offer the users services and functionalities that will adequate to the user’s necessity and personalize our services to make every user’s experience with the, the easiest as possible. The personal information required have the following functions:

Develop studies about interest, behavior, demography of its users to better understand their necessities and interests and offer better services/products or promote related information.

To better our commercial initiatives and promotions, we analyze visited pages, searches made by users, to improve our offer of content and products, personalize content, presentation and services. We send information or messages through e-mail/physical address about services/products, publicity, promotions, banners, of interest of our user, news from the If the user rather not participate in this activity, they can exclude themselves from receiving promotional information or publicity. To do this, please contact us through the link contact us and choose not to mark the newsletter option in your profile.

The winners of Promotions and/or activities made by the, authorize the use of their names, personal data, images from them and from their families, in the way the user considers convenient, with intentions of publicity and/or promotions, without any right of monetary compensation or not. Share personal information (including e-mail address) with services providers or third party hired companies that contribute to facilitate and better the activities of the, as (without limitation of) transportation services, payments processors, insurance or facilitators of payments, call centers or fidelity programs, among others. The will pay attention to the accomplishment of contracts/agreements that affect the user's personal information. In certain cases, services providers will collect information directly from the user (as for studies and others). In these cases, the user will receive a notification about what the providers decide to do. When third party would be involved they have the option of following their own privacy policies. If decided to show or share the personal information of the user with a third party that are not service providers or companies in association/related with the, will be required from the to contact the user and acquire authorization. Among the service providers that collect data directly from the is Google Inc., a company from Delaware which its main office is located at: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States (‘Google’). Using the cookies (to be discussed in further detail – Cookies), Google will acquire information about the users of the with the purpose to analyze and make reviews about the user activities in the and IP addresses, which is directly transmitted and archived by Google in the US servers. Google will transmit this information to third parties according with their applicable regulations, or when the third party process the information through Google. The user consent the use of his/her information by Google for the intended purposes.

Give the user personal information to entities that intervene in the resolution of disputes, among others like: Insurance companies, Court of Law and competent agencies to solve those disputes.

Information on the Confidentiality

Once registered in the website, the will not sell, rent or share your personal information, except in the previously appointed situations. It will be done everything in its reach in order to protect the privacy of the user information. It can happen that in virtue of judicial order, legal dispositions, the be compelled to review information to these authorities or third party under these situations, or in instances that a third party intercepts such information or transmit data; in this case the Brazilian Supermarket will not be held reliable for those acts of sharing data.

Personal Password

To have access to our reserved services to the registered users, these users will have a personal password. With it they will be able to buy, qualify, among another activity. This password, chosen by the user, must be maintained in confidentiality and in any circumstance, should be reviewed or shared with anyone.

The user will be responsible for every action made under their name and password, which include payments for products or loss that may happen for any reason. If for any reason a user may come to the suspicion that someone has access to his/her password, they should modify immediately.


The user and visitor of the website from the shows that he/her is aware and accept that we could utilize a monitoring system according with the Cookies utilization. The Cookies are small archives that install themselves in the hard drive, with a limited duration that help to personalize our services. Will be offered as well some functionalities that only will be available through the utilization of the Cookies. The Cookies are utilized with the intention of knowing the interest, behavior and demography of their website users, therefore understanding better the needs, interest and offer a better service/product or promote coherent information. The information gathered through Cookies will be used to analyze pages utilized by a visitor/user, searches, and better commercial and promotion initiatives, to use in the marketing or sales, banners related with the user interest, news about the, perfect the offer of our products, personalize these contents, presentation, services; the Cookies will be utilized as well to promote the rules of security of this website. The may add cookies in e-mails sent to make sure of the effectiveness of its advertisement.

Cookies will be utilized additionally so the user won't have to input his/her password as often as it would be required otherwise, to account, and confirm information of his/her activities and other functions ( in countries in which is available) and other commercial agreements, always with the intention of the Cookies installation, for the benefit of the user and other operations.
The installation, and existence of the Cookies in the user computer it is at the will of the user, and can be eliminated at any time the user wish to. To know how to remove the Cookies from your computer system, go to " help" in your browser.

Web Beacons

The Web Beacon is an electronic image, called as semgle-pixel (1X1) or transparent pixel, that is a implanted code in a webpage. The function of the Web beacon is very similar to the Cookies. Additionally, the Web beacon is used to measure the user traffic patterns from one page to another with the intention of maximizing the traffic flow through the web. The user and visitor of the website in its utilization shows that is aware of the web beacon and that the will be able to use this monitoring system through the web beacons.

Competent Authorities - Legal Requirements

The will cooperate with competent authorities and third parties to ensure that the law will be followed, as in the protection of the industrial and Intellectual property rights, fraud prevention among others.

The will review personal information from its users under the requirement of judicial or governmental authorities to facilitate investigations conducted by such mentioned, even if there's not a court order, as (without limiting to) criminal investigations, piracy, or the violation of author rights. In these situations, the will give all the information to the authorities with means to safe keep the integrity and security of its users, with the exception when the law require us not to disclose any information.

In addition the will communicate information to users, entities or third party when it is necessary according with the situation, as if shows that will be a illegal activity or is happening one, with the intention to protect all users from the This right will be used by the at any time it sees fit to use to protect the users and the company from illegal activity, or intention of illegal activity and even put in action the policies of this website and help the authorities. The will use the right to disclose information independently of court order.

Security and Database

The is obligated to observe all regulations about security of personal information. Beyond this, we apply other protections such Secure Socket Layers ("SSL"). The consider all user gathered data precious and fells the need to protect it against lost or unauthorized access. Therefore apply various techniques to assure the security of personal data. Even with all the steps made for the protection of its database we need to point it out that there's no perfect security in the internet.

So, the will not be responsible for illegal interceptions or violations of its system or database for non-authorized third party. Nor will be responsible for the utilization of the information gathered with such activity.

All user personal data will be saved in a automatic database, located in the USA. The user, when registering in the, confirm that is aware of its location, and if located somewhere outside the USA, authorize the international transfer of the user data.

Changes in the e-mail preferences

The is eager to share with users all the sales, specials, changes, etc. If the user does not wish to receive any e-mail from the please get in touch through the link " Contact Us" and we will remove the user from the list.

Rights of cancelation or change in personal data

The user, when registering, shows that is aware of his/her rights to access, cancel and update the user's personal data. The user guarantee its truthfulness, authenticity of the personal data, and compromise to maintain them updated.

Once registered in the, the user will be able to change, update any information in the user registration, including:

  • The user's name, e-mail address. The data first imputed may be kept for security measures in the
  • The registering information such as phone number, etc.
  • Password.

In certain cases, will be maintained in the database, personal data which was requested to be erased with the intention of the solution of petitions and/or complaints, detect problems or accidents, and accomplish the intention in this document. In any case, the user personal data will not be immediately removed from the database for legal and technical reasons, included in the support and security systems.

The users must update all their personal data regularly, with the change in the determined spaces, enabling then the's ability to contact them to negotiate or solve a problem. For such any change in the information given in the registration must be updated by the user.