Shipping & returns

Exchange Policy

The company, Ozaki Global LLC, is focused on providing the best customer service. The exchange policy below is designed to help you every step of the way.

These are the situations where we exchange or return products:

Replacement of Non-Defective Products

All returns or requests for replacement for any reason other than defective product will be accepted only if the requirements below are followed:

  • The customer must contact us within 30 days of ordering the products;
  • The products are not used, opened, consumed, or damaged, as applicable - quality to be determined by the the company from photos;
  • The customer must provide specific order information provided as requested from the shipped materials;
  • The customer agrees to pay for the shipping of and requested products received back to us, and/or to pay for the shipping of the replacement products back to the customer;
  • The products requested for replacement are not frozen items

Eligible products will be shipping pending product availability. 

Replacement of Defective Products

Ozaki Global LLC strives to provide timely and quality shipping of products. However, from time to time, products may arrive damaged from shipping problems or other factors. Ozaki Global LLC will assume responsibility for providing a replacement product when the following criteria are met:

  • The customer must contact us within 7 days of receiving the products and noticing defects;
  • The products requested for replacement or refund are not frozen items;
  • The customer must provide specific order information provided as requested from the shipped materials;
  • The defects are documented with photos and reviewed by the company

Eligible products may be refunded or replaced, pending product availability.


To request a refund of an order or of a partial order, please contact us via the contact methods defined on this website. Refunds will only be considered for products eligible in the above sections for defective product replacement. Any refunds processed will be returned to the customer to the source payment method received from the customer, and will only be for the amount of any order or partial order minus shipping costs. Any refund request initiated from the customer will be responded to within 10 days of receipt by the company. 

Cancellation of Orders

Orders may be cancelled with or without notice when any of the following conditions are met:

  • The shipping address is determined to be undeliverable or incomplete;
  • The shipping address destination is not in a eligible country;
  • The funding of an order is determined to be fraudulent;
  • The funding of an order is not received by shipping time
  • The order contains frozen products and the shipping speed will likely result in substandard delivery

Customers will not be charged, or will be refunded, as applicable, on cancelled orders. Orders cannot be cancelled once they have shipped. 

Shipping Availability

Orders placed before 11am Central Standard Time typically ship on the same day. However, orders may be shipped at most 48 hours after the order has been placed. 

Frozen Products \ Frozen Orders

Frozen products are defined as those products which typically require a thermally insulated shipping package and icepacks to ship. Since frozen products require additional shipping, they are not eligible for replacement or refund. Frozen products should be ordered with the fastest shipping option to ensure they arrive in the best quality, and it is the customer's responsibility to choose the shipping speed that will have the package arrive timely.